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Who’s liable for electronic scooter accidents?

Dockless electronic scooter (e-scooter) sharing programs are the new era in micromobility. However, scooter-sharing companies are drawing fire from injured pedestrians and a concerned medical community. A recent Consumer Reports investigation documents at least 1,500 injuries and eight deaths related to rented e-scooters in the United States since late 2017. Hundreds of riders have landed in emergency rooms with injuries ranging from cuts, sprains, and bruises to bone fractures and head injuries.

E-scooter sharing also introduces new insurance implications. Traditional policies have not kept up with the micromobility revolution, although most e-scooter riders assume they’re covered for liabilities and personal injuries. With e-scooter accidents on the rise, insurance gaps need immediate attention and innovative solutions for on-demand, usage-based transportation. In this article, Milliman actuaries Abby Sternberg and Anthony Pinello delve into the new world of e-scooters. They examine injuries associated with e-scooters and potential litigation. The authors also compare e-scooters with bicycles and bike shares and talk about what e-scooter companies can do to mitigate risk.