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How can life insurers manage COVID-19 related risks?

At the heart of effective risk management is the ability to manage tail events. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised some profound questions concerning tail risk analyses that risk practitioners in the life insurance industry must consider. In this episode of Critical Point, Milliman’s Tony Dardis, Chloe Lau, and Ariel Weis discuss emerging risk management issues related to the pandemic for life insurers.

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COVID-19 changing how life insurers approach enterprise risk management

How is the coronavirus pandemic impacting how life insurance companies approach enterprise risk management? It’s apparent that risk managers must consider several emerging issues related to risk analytics, risk strategy, the chief risk officer’s role, and the centralized risk function within life insurance companies. Milliman’s Tony Dardis, Chloe Lau, and Ariel Weis provide perspective in their paper “COVID-19 and enterprise risk management.”