SFCR: More reports to explore

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Further Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (SFCRs) were published in the past week or so.

• The latest SFCRs include AIG Europe Ltd, Blackrock Life, Sun Life Financial and White Horse Insurance Ireland.
• The award for glossiest report to date must surely go AIG Europe, which has presented a streamlined and consistent SFCR. It is perhaps an example of an insurer treating the SFCR as potential marketing or investor information, rather than purely a regulatory reporting requirement.
• UK firms are including the Audit Opinion and Report within the SFCR as they are required by the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA). Some of the previous UK SFCRs discussed in this blog series didn’t include the audit opinion as their reporting date predated the audit requirements. However, we haven’t seen this practice in other countries, such as Ireland, where the supervisors do not require publication of the audit opinion.

Links to all SFCRs included in previous blog posts are shown in the table below.

Company Link Country Country
AIG Europe Ltd Link UK 31/12/2016
ASR Group Link Netherlands 31/12/2016
Blackrock Life Ltd Link UK 31/12/2016
Care Insurance Co Link Gibraltar 30/06/2016
Cornish Mutual Asurance Co Ltd Link UK 30/06/2016
Euroguard Insurance Co PCC Ltd Link Gibraltar 30/06/2016
Evolution Insurance Company Ltd Link Gibraltar 30/06/2016
Hansard Europe dac Link Ireland 30/06/2016
International Diving Assurance Ltd Link Malta 30/06/2016
Municipal Mutual Link UK 30/06/2016
St James’s Place Group Link UK 31/12/2016
Sun Life Financial of Canada Link UK 31/12/2016
The Wren Insurance Association Ltd Link UK 30/06/2016
Vitality Life Ltd Link UK 30/06/2016
White Horse Insurance Ireland dac Link Ireland 30/09/2016